Monday, September 12, 2011

Shifting Our Perspective

Fall is, without a doubt, my most favorite time of year, even though life in the low desert has completely altered my expectations for the season (smile). What is it about the Fall? Obviously, a switch from the heat of the summer to the cool morning breeze, an opportunity to grow different veggies in the garden, a return to the rhythms of school life, and the beautiful transformation of the creation around us, all of these things cultivate my love for this time of year.

Perhaps, it is the transition itself that I resonate with. If you were to be a casual observer of our household for just a day, you would likely see a family in transition. Moving slowly, nevertheless moving.

Although multiple modern conveniences (those things far from frugal or sustainable) are used daily in our home, I always ask myself, "What would the process be, or what would we use, if we didn't have this or that?" For example, a staple in our food storage are bottles of vitamin C tablets; this due to the high occurrence of scurvy during times of famine and food shortage. Yet, what would we do if vitamin C tablets were no longer available? Where would we look for vitamin C when our tablets run out? What is the more sustainable option (and more frugal at that)? Articles such as this one provide a wealth of information and lay a foundation for a more frugally sustainable source of vitamin C.

It's all about shifting our perspective! Our little family has come to enjoy the journey, as we transition from a life of heavy dependence and consumerism to one better defined through sustainability and production. We long to be producers...not simply consumers.


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