Friday, October 21, 2011

De-cluttering {Home Organization} Part II

Closet Clutter
This post is contributed by Angela Allen @ Classic Twist

If the bedroom is the most intimate of rooms in the home, then the closet is the inner court of the bedroom. It’s where you keep your intimate belongings and even your most precious memories. But most importantly, it’s where you keep your clothing - the first thing people notice about you before you open your mouth to speak.

Here are some very practical ways to manage your closet, keeping it beautiful and functional:

1. Rid your closet of garments with stains, holes, wrong sizes and garments you haven’t worn in over a year. Don’t hold onto items you “may” fit into after you lose that weight. Live the life you have today. Those items can be recycled into cleaning cloths depending on the material.

2. Organize clothing with a system that works for you. I prefer to hang my clothes by type. I like all my jackets together, skirts together, dresses together, and so on. Within each type, I hang the clothes in color order from lightest to darkest. It creates a beautiful graduation of hues in the closet. For me, it all comes back to visual aesthetic.

3. Invest in quality, uniform hangers. Good hangers will prolong the life of your clothing. Wooden or cushioned hangers are great options and will create a sense of visual uniformity in your closet.

4. Hook hangers in reverse on the hanger rod. What this accomplishes is it lets you see what you actually wear on a regular basis. After six months, the hangers still hooked in reverse are the clothes you should let go of. It's a easy trick.

5. Make sure your closet is well-lit. Ample lighting is essential to helping you find what you need efficiently in your closet. Don't get dressed in the dark. Proper lighting will help you get ready for the day. Maybe a little vintage chandelier?

6. Store shoes on a rack. Some people prefer to store their shoes in boxes, but I prefer shoe racks that proudly display my heels, flats, tennis shoes and boots in a wonderful, artistic way. Boxes can take up a lot of space and be cumbersome when you're looking for a particular pair, but a shoe rack is just the opposite.

7. Display jewelry, scarves and accessories in creative ways. Make an artistic statement on a little table either inside or right outside your closet, if you're it doesn't have space. Store and display your accessories in bowls, on trays and on hooks in your closet. You will love the accessibility and interest this adds.

8. Hang photos in your closet. This is just a little touch that adds a big impact. Smaller framed photos of family or artwork will make your closet feel a lot bigger and a lot more chic.

Keeping your closet organized and beautiful may be a continual effort, but the results are well worth the energy. It helps us to know exactly what we have, and in effect, helps us to reduce spending on unnecessary items.

Share with us your experiences in closet de-cluttering. And then, head over to our Facebook pages (Frugally Sustainable and Classic Twist) and share your closet de-cluttering pictures!

Angela Allen is a discount thriftress extraordinaire who sees the beauty and possibilities in the ugly and abandoned. She lives with her husband in Washington, DC. In order to glean more of her fashion wisdom, you can follow her fabulous blog or her page on Facebook.


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