Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #3

The Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday Blog Hop

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Basically, anything that you think will build and encourage our community.

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I want to say a big, huge thank you to all of you who participated last week! What a great resource and inspiration this is becoming! Here are the most clicked on posts from last week:

1. My No Spend Month. Written by Free Range Mama of My Healthy Green Family.

2. Going Sustainable with Laundry. Written by Rose Petal of Live Ready Now.

3. Natural Homemade Gift Ideas. Written by Jo of Jo's Health Corner.

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Here we go!

Explosive Showerhead Cleaner

Use this "explosive" homemade cleaner to blast away all of those hard water deposits that are blocking your showerhead:

Here's an easy DIY recipe:

-1/3 cup baking soda
-1 cup white vinegar
-1 plastic bag
-1 large bag twisty tie

1. Mix baking soda and vinegar in bag over a sink. Caution: Pour vinegar into bag slowly, there is an "explosive" foaming action that kicks in.

2. Place bag over showerhead. Be sure it is submerged in the baking soda/vinegar solution.
3. Secure with twisty tie.
4. Let the showerhead soak in the solution overnight or for at least 2-3 hours.
5. Wipe off showerhead prior to use.

Enjoy your free flowing showerhead! Pretty easy and cheap, huh?

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

23 Day Frugal Living Challenge: Join Us!

So, I have been hit with an idea! A New Year’s resolution of sorts!

How could my life, and the lives of others, change if we were to challenge ourselves to 23 days of frugal living?

I consider myself, my husband, and my children to be fairly frugal people, and sometimes I admit we take it too far; for example, our couch has a hole in it and we still refuse to buy a new one, I used my old running shoes until the soles were bare, and our truck has 140,000+ miles on it but he still runs like a charm.

In no way am I recommending this to others. Nor am I saying that you have to live with holes in your furniture! However, I will suggest that there are many other ways to scale back spending and live a more frugal lifestyle.

Join me in a 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge!

Why attempt a frugal living challenge?
  1. First, because living frugally allows for you to spend less than you earn. And the benefits from this are endless. You can use the difference to: get caught up on late payments, pay off debt, save, and potentially invest.
  2. Second, because the less you spend, the less is required for you to earn. The benefits of this one mean: you and/or your spouse have the potential to work less, you obtain freedom from a wage, you may have the opportunity to pursue your true passions, and you may be able to retire early.
Frugal living is not suppressive! Quite the opposite, it means breaking free of the chains that bind us to unfulfilled lives.

It means spending more time with the people that mean the most. It’s having conversations, reading for leisure, growing in knowledge, enjoying nature, doing things that you think are fun, exercising, being a slave to no one, and focusing on what truly is important. The good life is waiting!

So…together let’s see how many people we can get to commit to living frugally for 23 days!

We could change the tide of society! Or, at least encourage each other along the journey. Obviously, there is a broad array of things that could happen!

The Ground Rules:

You are not committing to the implementation of all 23 ideas for living frugally. I should admit that I do most, but not all, of the tips that will be recommended and discussed. My commitment to you is to be honest with you as we move along.

I ask no more from you that I ask of myself.

Simply commit to the process and to openness.

Be willing to change, take baby steps, or jump on the path of frugality for the first time! Where ever you are on the journey, don’t be afraid to join in. We will challenge ourselves to:
  • Redefine “enough”
  • Learn how to use a 30-day list
  • Stop the impulse buys
  • Grow a garden
  • Cook ahead
  • And much more…

Let’s do this!

Make an early New Year’s resolution and commit yourself to the challenge of living frugally for 23 days starting Friday January 6, 2012 by signing your name below.

What an awesome way to start out a new year!

If the entire 23 days is too much of a commitment for you, that’s totally okay. Maybe you can commit for 4-5 days or only just one? Show your support by signing the pledge anyway!

Whatever your commitment level, even if it’s for only for a day please sign the pledge, and let’s discover together how living frugally can change us, our families, our communities, and our world.

The following people have taken the pledge and made a commitment!

Join them by signing your name to the challenge above!

1. Andrea M., Phoenix, AZ
I am so excited for this challenge!
2. Eric M., Peoria, AZ
I can't wait to see what happens!
3. Megan R.
4. Wendy R.
5. Jewell V., Sudan, TX
6. Martine, Durban, South Africa
Ready for the challenge!
7. Fara Rose, Kansas City, MO
8. Sara Shay
I am trying to talk my husband into "No Spend" January, so this is VERY timely!
9. Carla
I am really looking forward to doing and COMPLETING the entire 23 days!! I am really excited for this and hope for success!!
10. Angela, Seattle, WA
I've been working on this, but I think there are a few places I can push a little harder without the family revolting on me. ;-)
11. Maria F.
I want!!!!
12. Mayce H., Arkansas
Been wanting to try this.
13. Krista, Central Asia
14. Jenny, England
I was already planning an attempt at being more frugal and thrifty in the New Year! I think it will be much easier with the support of others and being able to read blog posts about what they are achieving and sharing ideas. Learning serious budgeting and money management is going to be one of my Resolutions this year!
15. April, Oregon
Sounds like a wonderful challenge! I am working on becoming much more frugal, I welcome a challenge like this, and look forward to participating!
16. Alice, South Louisiana
17. Gail, Ohio
What a wonderful way to begin 2012!
18. Traci, AZ
19. Heather, Maine
This is a great idea! I would love to try and dial back this holiday season as well, but not sure that will happen. Looking forward to starting this though!
20. Dodi, Findlay, OH
So need to do this!!!
21. Kathryn
22. Tiffany, Jacksonville, FL
Sounds fun!
23. Jamie, Ohio
Love it.
24. Luann, WV
I LOVE challanges and anyway I can improve our financial status, Iam all for it. I also love learning new skills!
25. Laveda, Michigan
26. Eva
27. Sharon, Baltimore, MD
This is awesome. My new favorite website!
28. Nichole M., Indiana
This is a great idea! Now only to convince the hubby ;)
29. Jeff R., Kingwood, TX
30. Kristie, Georgia
I am so in and so excited.
31. Bonnie M., Upstate NY
Can't wait to try, I was just thinking about de-cluttering and refocusing for the New Year!
32. Jean, OH
33. Rebecca
We live on less than we make-on less than 1 income! We've decided December is a "no eating out" month. We are ready to be challenged with more!
34. Lindsey D.
Very excited!!!
35. Kristen M., Eureka, CA
We're on a roll with our frugality and I'm really looking forward to this challenge!
36. Rachel Macek W., Valparaiso, IN
37. Ashley, Livingston, MT
I consider myself frugal but know I am lacking in some areas! Excited for this!
38. April B., Georgia
Sounds great. We're already pretty darn frugal but I'm always looking for ways to save more money. I can't wait to see what you have come up with. Challenge on!!
39. Vanessa W., Bethlehem, PA
This sounds great!! I will blog about it at my new website asimplygoodlife.com. Can't wait! :)
40. Toni S., Norman,Oklahoma
Lets do this!!!!
41. Amy, WA
My serious weakness is the kitchen. I am bad about making ONE thing and eating for 4 days straight to the point of gag reflex and then I go and "treat" mysef with a Friday lunch that probably cost more than the entire week's lunch. I am a single person so the food preparedness is very difficult for me. I go to Costco and buy the cases of corn, beans and other canned goods and then let them sit on my shelf until they expire. ARGH! I look forward to learning from you and the others.
42. Nancy N., Buckeye, AZ
Looking forward to the challenge.
43. Helen A., Fayetteville, AR
44. Pamela S., Ridgeway, SC
I pledge to live as frugally as I can for the 23 day challenge. (I kinda do that anyway all the time, but I'm sure there are places I can cut back)
45. Deb, Northwest/central Ohio
46. Mary R., Raleigh, NC
I'm super excited!
47. Mary W., North Dakota
Sounds like a great adventure.
48. hswife, Glen Rock, PA
49. Stacie M.
So excited to start on this frugal journey!
50. Terri, Oregon
I live pretty frugally right now, but would love to see how others are doing things as well.
51. Allison D., OH
52. Dorthy
Great time of year to re-commit to a frugal lifestyle!
53. Amanda B., PA
54. Cathy K.
I'm looking forward to this challenge.
55. Tracey D., Veldhoven, Netherlands
I'm in!
56. JRoberts, Alberta, Canada
Just found your blog, and am so excited to join in!
57. Melyssa
58. Connie F., Alvin, TX
Hope to make the entire 23 days! I really enjoy your blog!
59. Annie, Illinois
I'm on board which means my whole family will be since I'm the one who pays the bills and manages the budget. We live frugally as it is, but there is always room for improvement. When I had our first child, I quit my job. My promise to my husband was that I'd be able to save as much money as I made when I worked. If I couldn't keep my promise, I'd go back to work. That was six children ago and I'm still at home. It's been a challenge, but I LOVE a great challenge!! Let's go!
60. Connie W., Lewis, CO
This is such a good idea I try to be as frugal as I can but there are some areas I need to work on.
61. MomLadyOR, Oregon
Great idea! I've already implemented many of these ideas and am trying to live much more frugally. But, I think having a "resolution" will help me get my family on board!
62. Tracy N., Georgia
63. Danielle G., Georgia
Looking forward to the challenge!
64. Laurie W., Ohio
I cleaned out my childrens bedrooms and literally hauled off 4 trash bags. I cleaned out the refrigerator and probably pitched $30 worth of food. It makes me realize, we require so much LESS than what I'm buying. Meanwhile debt is in my face. I'm down for this challenge!
65. Lisa
66. Colleen C., Albion, IN
This is exactly what my partner and i believe in and are trying to incorporate into our lives. thanks for the boost!!!
67. Katie S., Arizona
I think this is great and the new year is a perfect time to do it! Count me in!
68. Teresa Marie, South Central Indiana
I think I am already pretty frugal, but I am sure I could do better, and want to enlist my family as well.
69. Karen, Grover Beach, CA
Hubby and I are nearly retirement age and are continually looking for ways to be more frugal and live within our means.
70. Arica, Patterson, GA
71. Ewa, San Jose, CA
72. Helen S., New Brunswick, Canada
We have been on the frugal-living path for a while now. I can always learn more, though! Sign me up.
73. Quentin H., Eugene, OR
74. Melissa C., Oklahoma
Thank you for taking the time for this. My husband is facing a layoff soon so this will be good for us to follow.
75. Prepping with portia
76. Mary C., Ontario, Canada
Love this challenge! Looking forward to seeing how many participate and just how we could influence the world.
77. Mary G., West Texas
So, what does the plan look like?
78. Krista G., Oklahoma
We have six kids and I feel like we are already pretty frugal, too. But I am always looking for ways to do better! I"m excited to get started!!!
79. Trisha, California
80. Brenda, Arkansas
Im going To try, it will be hard, I have a son in collage. And you never know what's going to happen but I'd love to try live like this again. I did when I was a kid off and on.. The good ole days..
81. Whitney B., Grand Rapids, MI
Since finding your blog, I've tried all kinds of your homemade cleaners, recipes, and frugal living suggestions! I especially appreciated your post on being a full-time homemaker and mom - this is my husband and I's top goal - creating and living and one-income lifestyle. I'm really excited for this challenge and thank you for hosting it!
82. Joan O., Washington State
83. Suzanne, Longmont, CO
I already live frugally but it is nice to be challenged.
84. Darlene R., Ohio
Ready to start the New Year with some much needed change!
85. Karah, Curacao
I like to think frugal is my middle name. Let's see if I live up to the challenge!
86. Shawn R., North Carolina
87. Jean T.
88. Larissa, BC, Canada
Looking forward to it.. :)
89. Stacy, Illinois
90. Teresa C.
91. Laura
92. Michelle D.
23 Days!
93.  Samantha C., North Carolina
94. Jessica E., Bakersfield, CA
Let's do it!
95. Bonnie P.,
Can't wait to get started..thanks!
96. M.Sullivan, Maine
This is just what we need to start the new year off right. Can't wait to get started.
97. Susan F., Virginia
98. Jennifer M., Suwanee, ga
99. Nancy R., West Virginia
Sounds like a great idea and I will do it !
100. Amy B., Ohio
101. Sarah Jane M., Tulsa, OK
102. Julia
103. Alene, Ohio
104. Betsy, Oregon
105. Allison H.
Looking forward to any tips you have!
106. Janice K., Springfield, OR
I am willing to give it a try because I'm on the verge of becoming a hoarder.
107. Deena J.
What a great idea....sometimes it is easier to follow through on good ideas and intentions when you have others to help hold you accountable.
108. Dori, Minnesota
I'm looking forward to this :) To help matters Hoarders is on my TV tonight. Wonder if that's a hint? :)
109. Randy P.
110. Tami L.
i'm in!
111. Gail S., Portland, OR
I do always keep a pot of soup, stew, or chili. Since moving in to my 200 square foot trailer with a mini fridge, I do shop more often. I try to limit what I have to buy, by canning and drying my food. I plan my month ahead, but I buy what I need weekly.
112. Laurie S., Wellsville New York
I'm excited and hope to get many others also excited about this,, thanks!!! :)
113. Nikki, Wisconsin
Let's do this!
114. Micki S., Gallitzin, PA
115. Susan G., Texas
116. Laura
I'm a self-admitted frugalite but I am always on the look-out for new ideas. You can teach an old dog new tricks and I'm open to learn new to me ideas.
117. Amy T.
118. Amanda, Maine
119. Kienda, Pennsylvania
120. Noble SS, Athol, ID
121. Barbra M., Ocean Gate, NJ
I am making the pledge to live frugally!!
122. Becky K., Portland, OR
I am ready... thank GOD it starts on January 6th.... lol I ask for gift cards for Christmas from my family.... and I don't ever cheat when I am challege...
123. Theresa W., Spicer, Minnesota
Great thought as we head into the 'crazy' season!
124. Misti S., TN
Look forward to it!
125. TyKes Mom
I am always looking for more ways to be frugal. Sounds like an exciting challenge!
126. Kim M., Madison, Indiana
I accept the challenge and will do my best to complete it! I am pretty frugal already so I am going to see just how far I can push it!
127. Kate H., New Zealand
128. Katie P., Milford, PA
129. Tamie E., Minnesota
130. Julia G., New Mexico
Can't wait!
131. Carla P., Arkansas
132. Melissa, Santa Fe, NM
This is definitely worth a shot :-)
133. Tammy, Sedalia, MO
We're pretty frugal here, but there is always room for improvement! I often challenge myself to spend only $50 a week for our family of five to save money and use up what we already have in the pantry and freezer. We make our own laundry soap, garden and can food, and have a flock of chickens. I look forward to hearing more ideas to save money!!!
134. Yart, USA
I will be following along at my blog Grim Wytche Farm.
135. Sarah, Texas
I'm in! We already try to live frugally, and I'm up for more!
136. Jessi P., Vernon, BC (Canada)
137. Janae B., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
138. Stacy Makes Cents, Bristol, TN
I hate New Years resolutions. :-) But I like your challenge. This frugal mama is IN! Let's DO THIS!
139. Nicole B., Chapin, SC
140. Myra L., Kings Mountain, NC
I've been attempting to be more frugal, but have not put a LOT of effort into it. This will be enough to light a fire under my behind and get me going. Thanks for the inspiration.
141. Shauna
142. Breann A., Haliburton
143. Heidi, Iowa
144. Terrie A., MN
We already do this, but I can always do more. Thanks!
145. Sarah, Wichita, KS
146. Karina B., New Zealand
147. Diana M., Dallas-Ft. Worth
My intentions are always good, but I need the accountability of this challenge. Thanks for
coming up with a great idea! :)
148. Heather B.,  Sarnia, Ontario
What a fantastic challenge, I'm in!
149. Jill
150. Rochelle G., Fairview, TN
151. Michelle,  Illinois
Sounds like fun! I will post it on my blog after the holidays!
152. Julie-Anne M., Adelaide, Australia
153. Tammy, Sedalia, MO
We're pretty frugal here. I frequently try to keep our shopping down to $50 a week for our family of five. I've been able to do this for about three weeks at a time...using up what we have on hand and only buying essentials. Looking forward to some great ideas!!!
154.  Eileen, Ohio
155. Angela W.
156. Kristy A., Wenatchee, WA
I'm excited to try something new and learn new ways of iving.
157. Renee M., WA
Look forward to joining the challenge. We usually do a no shopping month after the first of the year. It forces us to use up all the garden produce I put-up in the pantry and freezer last summer/fall.
158. Joli S.
159. Judy W., Boise, ID
160. Helen, Rhode Island
I am so happy to join in! They say there is strength in numbers and I am grateful for the community and support!
Thanks and God bless,
161. Karen, Ohio
162. Ria, Cape Cod, MA
163. Debbie A., Fayetteville, NY
164. Madeleine, New Zealand
Exciting. I'm looking forward to it. Great idea thanks for doing this.
165. Kerrie, Feilding
Anything that may give me ideas on how to save money, I am keen for.
166. Sarah S., Sigonella, Italy
167. Cassandra T., Boise, ID
Thank you. This is a New Year's Resolution I can stick with!
168. Jen E., Leeds, UK
I try to live frugally all year round, but would love some tips to help me.
169. Jen, Washington
170. Amanda M., Centerville, MO
171. Ali R.
172. Emma
Alright. I'm in! I was just using the last of the fruit and vegetables in a salad tonight and thinking, it's not so bad to be at the end of what you've got - it makes you value it more. Maybe I should live like this in all areas of life. I think this challenge is going to help me take back control of our spending. I hope so anyway. Thanks for thinking of me!
173. Meg, Ashburton, NZ
Oooh, this sounds fab ... am pretty frugal already, but always up for a challenge!
174. Lyn W., New Zealand
My daughter and I spend $35 a week or less on groceries.
175. Wendy
176. Kathleen C., Wellington New Zealand
Looking forward to the challenge
177. My Healthy Green Family, Canada
Looking forward to these challenges! Thanks!
178. Tisha
179. Kris A., Wellington New Zealand
I'm in!
180. Heidi, California
I am very excited and a little bit afraid of this challenge. That's why I know I NEED to take this plunge. I am looking forward to it.
181. JoAnna J., Florida
I definitely have areas that could use improvement!
182. Chris C., Wellsville, NY
Awesome - I'm in.
183. Kristin
Been working on simplifying our home, this is another great direction!
184. Jessica H., TN
185. Kathy, Waynesboro, VA
I live pretty frugally already, so am interested in hearing about the 23 ideas to see if there are some I'm not thinking about already. ;o)
186. Katy, Midland, TX
We're pretty frugal, but we could always improve. I think out weakest spots are eating out and wasting food.
187. Karen
Great idea! I'm thinking the support from the rest of the participants will make this much easier and more fun to do!
188. Meredith, Western New York 
189. Christy H., North Carolina
190. Tiffany H.
So inspiring to be part of this movement!! Talk about freedom and change, eh?
191. Mya, New Zealand
We support community fruit harvesting here in New Zealand ~ sharing surplus fruit & vegetables with families in need, frugal living means we can help more families so we appreciate your support & encouragement ~ thanks!
192. Sharron, Ontario, Canada
193. Turia, AZ
194. Allison P., NE Ohio
I am willing to give this a try! My last car was with me until 190k!! And all my couches have holes/chew marks!
195. Virginia H., Central MO
196. Sara, Colorado
197. Karen B., Mississippi
198. Victoria D.
199. Jodi F., Flordia
I ADORE living frugally...How fun that it has now become "hip" to be frugal!
200. Nicole S., Army Post South Korea
201. April, Louisville, KY
202. Erica, Bunker Hill, WV
203. Willie
I would like to try the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge. I am very much trying to live more frugally.
204. Autumn, New Mexico
205. Abbigail B., Washington
I am on a quest to spend less and start saving. I have a large family and have found it a challenge. I hope that 23 days will lead to 30 which will lead to more and more. :)
206. Tammy
207. Kari Ann H., Olympia, Washington
A wonderful idea!!
208. Teri
209. Jenny
I'm in!
210. Cindy, Washington State
211. Misti, MO
Perfect timing.....I'm ready for the challenge!! Thanks!!
212. Erica, Wesley, IA
I think this is a great idea. Would you mind if I posted about this on my blog also? Thanks!
213. Codie
214. A., MO
Let's do this!
215. RuthAnn, North Carolina, USA
216. Anita H., Norway
This was a great challenge!
217. M C McIntosh, Minneapolis, MN
218. Susan, Nova Scotia Canada
I am looking forward to participating in this challenge. I have already done some things in my way of living to make it much more furgal but still have more to do.
219. Tammie, Springfield, MO
Always looking for a challenge to take me to the next frugal level. I need help staying focused and motivated. And a commitment such as this will provide some much needed accountability, as well. Looking forward to Jan. 6!!!
220. Veronica F., Denver
221. Laura G., Ventura, CA
Here's to a better world in the New Year!
222. Crystal J., Flagstaff, AZ
I'm trying to teach my children, as well as my husband, use what we have until it's gone and be smart about shopping to replace it, I welcome this challenge!!!
223. Jenna
224. Amanda, Ontario, Canada
225. Sandy O.
I've been living frugally for years (decades) but sometimes you just need to refocus and make sure you haven't slipped into bad habits. Great Idea!
226. Michelle
This sounds like a great idea. I would like to see what we actually need to live on each month. My husband hates his job and he travels a lot. It would be nice to be able to make a change.
227. Melanie, New Zealand
This is how we live our lives, but I'm happy to show my support for your cause. Keep up the good work!
228. Alisa, Canada
Yes, I pledge!
229. Michelle, Seattle, WA
I'm always working late or picking up extra shifts to cover my spending. It would be nice to just be able to pay my bills AND have a life again!
230. Emily, Germany
Living a frugally sustainable life has been a goal of our's for some time. I'm really looking forward to this challenge to help us along!
231. Mandy, Illinois
Love living frugal!
232. Carlee R., New Zealand
233. Georgi, Littleton CO
234. Dashaunda R., Houston, TX
235. Tanys
236. Susie S., San Pierre, Indiana
I am excited about this! I have been thinking about taking the challenge of no groceries for a year starting next fall, so this might get me prepared!
237. Lex
Count me in for all 23!
238. Sarah D., Southern States
I am ready for a change in how I view "enough".
239. Kara P., Minnesota
Excited to do some changes. Will have just completed Dave ramseys financial peace university at that time.
240. Robin H., Illinois
241. Kim C., Long Island, New York
242. Jenny S., Michigan
We are extremely frugal but it never hurts to try for more. Plus this is awesome motivation!!!
243. Dana, Liberty, MS
I'm In!
244. Katie B., CA
245. Mimmou, South Africa
I hate excess, and I hate waste! I already try to live a frugal life, but I would like to make a more conscious effort, so sign me up!
246. Julie K., Edmond, Oklahoma
247. Lita D., Pacific Grove, CA
248. Kalya, Branson, MO
I'm about to get married, so this is perfect!
249. Vicki S., Plant City, FL
250. Jamie P.
251. Kathleen, Pinetta, FL
We already live frugally,but I am really interested in fresh ideas. Thanks for the challange!
252. J. Avans, Kansas City, KS
Epiphany, Jan 6th, is our ten year anniversary. We can't think of a better way to begin the next ten years of our lives together!
253. Shannon
254. Kori C., Wisconsin
My family is so excited to get started!
255. Ember W., Nebraska
Just adore this idea. I'm proud to say I'm on board! :)
256. Jason, MO
Every little bit helps!
257. Sheila Marie E., Wyandotte, Michigan
Awesome ... have lived resourcefully and frugally before and want to live the life again:)
258. Magen K., Utah
259. Rae
260. Violet B., NC
Im going to try, but Im so in debt Im making no promises lol
261. NC Preppers, Western North Carolina
262. Sigrid
Looking forward to this!
263. Jenny, NZ
Looking forward to following this. Thanks.
264. Sandi, Michigan
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks!!
265. Sharron P., Orange County, CA
Can't wait!! :) Love your website!
266. Kristin
267. Raven S., Santa Fe, NM
268. Marie K.
I love this idea - I pledge to do this, and hopefully some other things I'm going to be challenging myself to do to be more green! Good luck everyone!
269. Katie, Tulsa, OK
270. Jenifer, Indianola, IA
I have been trying to do this in little ways already but I am still learning small ways to do this. I can't wait to see and try your tips!
271. Paula, Lafayette, LA
I need to become frugal again. Just because my husband has a good paying job again after being laid off does not give me the right to fritter our money away on stuff.
272. Kendra
273. Barbara, ELK GROVE, CA
Looking forward to the paradigm shift. Defining what is enough and remembering how good we really have it.
274. Elizabeth Ann, Kansas City, MO
275. Don T., Kearney, MO
Great idea!
276. Kim L., Bedford, VA
I'm in!
277. Paul W., Camanche, Iowa
What a great idea! I believe this defines the theory of k.i.s.s.
278. Caryn
279. Ann, Massachusetts
280. Melvin B.
We are huge Dave Ramsey Fans. In fact we have tought it several years at our church. Looking forward to any additonal information that you can provide.
281. April, MO
January is usually our lean month anyways, so im in!
282. Sarah
I am in! This is perfect for me since dh's cAr just crapped out on us at 77,000 miles.
283. Rev. Sandra G., Mocksville, NC
I think we have always been frugal, but I am intrigued by this challenge.
284. Michelle K., Colbert WA
I think this will be a very valuable lesson for me and my family. I have been very interested in practicing a much more frugal lifestyle. My goal is to pay off bills and really live according to God's will. I would like to make my spending in line with biblical principles.
285. Shaina, Maine
286. Chauly Y., East Stroudsburg, PA
I'm ready for this challenge!
287. Holly R., Oxford, MS
My husband & I consider ourselves Urban Homesteaders. We live on 7 acres with 28 chickens, 13 broiler chickens, 3 guinea fowl, 3 rabbits + 4 new baby bunnies, and a chihuahua named Duke. We have fruit trees and a small garden. We belong to a CSA where we get most of our veggies from May-November. We can our produce for winter usage & just put a deer in the freezer. We live as frugally as possible, but love the thought of communal sharing of the frugal day to day victories! I can't wait for January!
288. Stephaine, Arkansas
Public School Art Teacher turned homeschool mama...looking foward to this challange!
289. Jacinda, Albany, IN
290. Ted, New England
I need to learn more ways to be frugal.
291. Kelly, Iowa
This fits with my plans for the new year!
292. Karen G., California
I'm in desperate need of this challenge. My husband and I have been telling each other for years that we should pay more attention to our finances and way of living...I'm ready for this. =)
293. Karla
Looking forward to trying this!
294. Susan B., Southern Maryland
I am always looking for new ways to save and simplify life without feeling deprived, so I'm very much looking forward to this challenge! By the way, I love the fact that your truck has 140,000 miles on it! My pick-up truck has 210,000 miles on it and the car my husband drives has 240.000 miles on it! Kindred spirits!
295. Shepard L., Eastern NC
Sounds awesome!
296. Carol, NJ
297. Heather, Forestville, CA
298. C., New England
Just found your blog! Looking to be both more frugal and more sustainable, so this sounds great!
299. Tris, Terre Haute, IN
I am excited and honored to take this challenge. I try to live within my means and this is a challenge every day due to being a single parent (with a single income) and three dependent children. Two of the children are teenagers and I still pay day care for my youngest son who is ten. I hope that I can continue to learn how to better a better steward of my money and set a better example for my children.
300. Emily O., NC
My husband and I are planning on starting a Pecan Orchard in Texas (where we are origionally from) once he is released from his Military Duty. I'm a nurse and I also have my own business. My husband and I are looking forward to getting back to Tx and starting our lives. Our goal is to be self-sufficient! I'm interested in everything you have to offer! All information is much appreciated and your site is very well-done!
-E.Olson, RN
301. Sonia, Las Vegas
Looking forward to it!
302. Frances303. Mimi
304. Mary, High Desert in Southern California
305. Jan, NJ
I need to do this! I am far from frugal and it would be so liberating for me and my hubby.
306. Sara, Lancaster, PA
307. Jennifer S.
308. Melanie R., Virginia
309. Deborah T., Grand Rapids, MI
Excited for the challenge!
310. Heather B., WI
Can't wait for this challenge to begin.
311. Kathy, Ohio
I'm ready
312. Leah
Ive been watching your posts and wondering what more can i do - so im really excited about this challenge . Thanks
313. Rose
I hope this goes through, as I am looking forward to this challenge.
314. Jackie
315. Barbara M., California
I am a seasoned cheap skate and will keep working on it one penny at a time. Frugality rocks!
316. Tabatha
317. Mary R., Zillah, WA
I'm always ready to learn more to help our family budget, protect our planet, and share the new knowledge with others. :O)
318. Roxanne, Buckeye, AZ
Excited to learn some new was to be frugal and to hear how other people do it.
319. Jane K., Syracuse NY
I am excited to learn new ways of frugality! Lets go.
320. Heather S., Thurmont , MD
321. Rose
looking forward to this challenge :D
322. Cathy J.
323. Susan S., Michigan
324. Meagan, Washington D.C.
I've been looking for a challenge like this! Sounds like the perfect way to make living wisely a lifestyle instead of a hassle. :) So excited!
325. Karen N., Australia
I'm committing to eating only what I grow or catch.
326. Jennifer, S. California
327. Deverie
328. Kelly, St. Charles, MO
329. Kathy S., PA
I already try to live frugally, but it will be fun to focus on that lifestyle with others.
330. Pat D., Springfield, MO
Have a garden and chickens. Will cook more from scratch, learning to make bread, etc.
331. Tina L.
Don't feel bad. I have two chairs with holes in them & I refuse to part with them. Looking forward to the challenge.
332. Elli
Great idea, I'm joining!
333. Crystal M.
334. Charmaine N., Philadelphia, PA
I have been very interested in learning to living frugally and pass these things off to my kids. Thank you for the challenge.
335. Ruth H., Baltimore, MD
336. Amanda, Harrison County IN
My goal for 2012 is to be debt free and pay off the credit cards. So i will take this challenge!!
337. Jeanine M., North FL
This is just what we need, being newlyweds, with some debt. Just talked my husband into it. although, he thought i was talking about fruit at first. lol. living frugally, he said "i have to eat more fruit?", "yes dear".
338. Chloe F., Ocean City, MD
339. Traci K., Williston, North Dakota
340. Cyndy S., Portland, OR
I was planning on challenging myself to only buy 2nd hand for the whole year. The exception being groceries and underwear. I have also decided to give myself 4 wildcards in the event a tire or furnace blows up. So your challenge will kick start my own It will be fun to have the company of like minded people to share this with.
341. Nancy, Virginia
342. Ashley, Alberta
343. Scott and Shannon, Middletown
344. Linda Bloom345. Georgia N., PA
I have been doing this since September, but will try to stretch even further!
346. JP
347. Katie W.
So excited to challenge myself to do this! :)
348. Jody C., Oklahoma
349. Ronnie C., Ray City, GA
350. Jessica K., Golden, CO
351. Heidi, Minnesota
I'm excited about learning new ways to save and recycle and reuse! I'm starting by making all my Christmas gifts this year so hopefully that will go well. :-)
352. Fran, TN
I'm in! I can't wait to get started!
353. Tammy C., Sperry, OK
Needing all the help I can get. would love to live below our means and maybe not work as much outside the home. Thanks for the push in the right direction
354. Heather S.
355. Barbara, Belgium
Might be extra challenging with my birthday being on the 8th. . .but we can do it!!!
356. Ashley, Vancouver, WA
357. Amy D.
Great idea!
358. Justine, Boston, MA
What a great resolution idea! Looking forward to it.
359. Courtney, NY
360. David D., Michigan
361. Paige C., Bethel, ME
362. Phyllis C., Indianapolis, IN
Frugal - I love this!
363. Manju Sara J., Eindhoven,The Netherlands
364. Kerri, Colorado
365. Ann S., NJ
366. Nancy, MO
What a great way to begin the New Year!
367. Dianna A., CA
What a great idea and especially after the holidays. I am excited to learn how to live more frugally. I already have a garden growing all year round (we will see how it goes), make my own laundry detergent and cook from scratch and at home instead of eating out.
368. Jennifer J., Memphis, TN
This is wonderful. We have been 'practicing' this for quite some time now. We always need new ideas!
369. Holly M., Charleston, SC
I have already started this process and I am so excited for this!
370. Leta, MD
371. Moonpie, Oklahoma
372. Allison H., TN
373. Becky
Can't wait. I am ready!!! Hopefully I can get dh and son on board.
374. Heather S., Cincy, OH
375. Click Clack Gorilla, Mainz, Germany
I hope it's not cheating to join up if I already do all of those things (except the thirty-day list). But still seems a worthy thing to sign my name to!
376. Carolyn, Siloam Springs, AR
377. Jenny, Port Huron, MI
378. Caroll F., St. Joseph, MO
I am been struggling with this on my own - will be nice to know there are others committed to this cause!
379. Sammi
Hoping to take pressure off my life as a minimum wage paid college student in debt, and stay happy :)
380. Amy C., Calgary, AB
We're currently working through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and have been working very hard to live frugally. I've been amazed to step back and consider where our money has gone in the past and see where we can put it now that we're living more frugally and facing, not only our finances, but ourselves. I would love to learn even more!
381. Nicole, BC, Canada
382. Elizabeth, Los Angeles
383. Katie T., Philadelphia, PA
384. Ruth R., Scotland
385. Ashley C., Athol, MA
I can't wait to start!!
386. Madeleine387. Tessa, Nebraska
I am interested to see if there are any other places for us to cut. I feel like we are living on bare bones as it is!
388. Lauren J., Houston, TX
Whoop :))
389. Chanelle D.
390. Carrie K., Portland, OR
Can't wait to learn more!
391. Debbie, Ohio
I've been toying with making some changes so I think this will be most helpful!
392. Lori, Ontario
What a great idea! I found you through New Nostalgia! Thanks!
393. Shauna E., Bartlett, Tennessee
I already try to live frugally, but every little bit of help counts!!!
394. Kelly R., Albertville, AL
This is a great idea, I can always use help learning new ways to live frugally. Thank you so much for this!
395. Jessica, Grand Forks, ND
30 days!
396. Dani, TX
I love this idea!!
397. Elizabeth T., Appleton, WI
Thanks for doing this! Looking forward to learning more about myself and doing what is right!
398. Machelle
Count me in!!
399. Megan P., Australia
400. Tracey, Netherlands
Looking forward to the challenge and meeting like minded people from around the world!
401. Melissa M., Birmingham UK
Hopefully I'll pick up some great tips that will help some some pennies that will grow into pounds!
402. Roberta, WI
403. Niki R.
404. Megan D., WV
405. Renee, Cartersville, Ga
406. Rebecca, Nebraska
Looking forward to it!
407. Christie K.
We already live fairly frugally, but I'm excited to see how much further we can go!
408. Melanie W., VA
409. Mike and Aimee, MI
410. Penelope, AZ
411. Lorien
412. Martie B., Dyer, IN
Please sign me up for your 23 day Frugal Living Challenge!
413. Marie S.
What a fantastic idea! Our family had planned on doing this ourselves, but it is SO MUCH easier with the support of others! Thanks for coming up with this idea, I'm looking forward to participating!
414. Jessica, Lake Charles, LA
My husband and I are very waste-conscious and we are always on the look out for ways to be more self-sustainable. We just recently (finally) started a garden, we are giving raising rabbits for meat a try, he hunts, I recycle like a mad-woman... I'm eager to see what suggestions you have that we haven't tried. Thanks for your efforts to educate and change the world. We need it.
415. Carrie
416. Rhonda, Lincoln, NE
Glad to have found this blog and excited for this challenge. Great idea!
417. Pamela S., NC
418. Jessica C.
We are going to give up shampoo and tooth paste- stuff is nasty for you and a of waste money.
419. Amy, Wake Forest, NC
420. Tara, Central Flordia
What a great way to start the New Year. We are already pretty eco-friendly and frugal, but there is always new things to do and learn!
421. Ashley G.
422. Patricia
423. Melinda, Maine
424. Angela
We are frugal, but excited to take it to the next level!!
425. Marie B., WI
We really like to live frugal now, so this will be fun to see if you have any new ideas.
426. Melaine, VA
427. Becky Q., Oklahoma City, OK
I'm really excited about this! Let's do it!
428. Susan, Bartlett, TN
I am so looking forward to this challenge!
429. Annie W., Rochester, MN, USA
Wow! This is so exciting. I'm in!!!
430. Ginny P., Hull, GA
431. Carrie, San Diego, CA
As we are hoping to buy a home this year, it will help set us up for a more attainable savings goal that we have only, as of yet, talked about.
432. Mary
433. Michelle, Australia
I'm definitely in! While we try and live frugally sometimes, espeially at christmas we slip bak into the old want, want habits.
434. Johanna K., St. Louis, MO
435. Beth T., SC
Great idea. Will love to hear how many commit to doing this.
436. Karen B., Kings Mountain, NC
I'm ready and willing!
437. KRH, TX
438. Becky M., KY
I am excited to start the challenge.
439. Ro'Chele, PA
It would be fun if the challenge had a goal a day. Like the first day's goal: make and bottle a cleaning product of your choice; second day: plant a vegetable that you use often (outdoors or potted depending on your location), etc. Just a thought. :D
440. Jessica
Count me in, sounds fun. As frugal as we think we might be, we can always get better!
441. Marleen, Upstate New York
442. Kendra, WA
I'm in!!
443. Diann
Although real food will pre-empt garbage faux food, since long term the latter will cost more. And growing a garden in New England (though I can sprout seeds) won't happen in January. But I will follow the spirit of this.
444. Katie N., Prescott Valley, AZ
Hoping to get my husband on board with this and really do it. Thank you for the challenge.
445. Isabel F.
SO EXCITED for this!! Count me in!! With four kids - I am always about saving money.
446. Stacey Sims, Fort Drum
447. Carol, Alberta Canada
I so need to do this!!
448. Diana H., San Antonio
Just discovered your website, love all of the things I'm learning!
449. Alyssa, Mesa, AZ
450. Nicole G.
451. Brianna
452. Nik, Belgium
453. Deborah K., Pensacola, FL
Is there a full list of the 23 ideas? I'd be curious to see them. :)
454. Jessica G.
Perfect challenge for a fresh beginning in the new year!
455. Cheri
456. Becky B.
457. Amy D., FL
I already strive to live frugally. But I want more ideas and motivation!
458. Jennifer W., Anthony, KS
459. Megan, Oregon
Looking forward to this challenge!
460. Catherine M.
I just cut back to 66% at my work for my health and so I can be a better mom to my kids. I am totally up for this!
461. Rhiana
462. Amanda M., Michigan
Excited to give this a try!
463. Mellissa
464. Raye Ann P., San Antonio, TX
465. Angie, Elizabethtown, PA
466. Chelle
467. Theresa
468. Jill R., Thatcher, AZ
I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I need to learn how to curb my impulse spending (among other things) and this is the PERFECT avenue to start!
469. Amanda, San Mateo, CA
470. Monette, Southern CA
I'm ready when you are.
471. Amy
I just found your blog through your amazing shampoo bar recipe and would love to join you in this! I am a new follower.
472. Lori G., GA
This is an area that I can vastly improve. I'm looking forward to seeing the posts!
473. Kristi G., Lexington, TN
Excited about this challenge! Can't wait!
474. Rose M.
475. Jily K., CA
always good to learn more, especially need help on the impulse buying!!! Looking forward, thanks so much
476. Alyssa, TX
Really looking forward to this!
477. Sara, Dryer, IN
478. Bevy, CA
we are already doing what we can to be frugally sustainable. drying clothes on the line, gardening, canning, making most things from scratch, not using commercially prepared cleaners, etc. if everyone did this, we could all breathe a lot better! :)
479. Rosita, Christchurch, New, Zealand
480. Toni B.
I really need all the help I can get. I was just telling my friend that I need a reward chart for not spending money.
481. Vicki R., N. Kentucky
482. Becca B., Chesapeake VA
483. Britni, Ohio
This is great! We already live a pretty frugal lifestyle but with a new baby due in early January we need to recommit ourselves to saving money and knowing when enough is enough. Thanks for such a great challenge!
Oh, and our couch also has a hole in it from our dogs. Someday we'll talk about replacing it, until then it works just fine! :)
484. Daryl Ann, Hawaii
485. ET
486. Meredith, Washington
487. Darci, Boise, ID
488. Gail, Alabama
489. Lisa
490. Jen, Piqua, OH
491. Susan W.
Your examples made me take a look at myself. Our couch has two (small) holes, my boots are literally coming apart at the seams and our van had almost 100k miles on it when we bought it three years ago, and we've driven its rusty self all over the country visiting family. Is that weird?!? I try to live like my grandparents. And it means so much to me to be able to stay home with the kids, life like this is totally worth it. That said, though, there are still some areas that can stand to be trimmed. And I pledge to try!
492. Cherie H., Kansas City
493. Lisa
Excited! Been living frugal, but ready for a challenge and to take it a step farther...
494. Patricia S., Deville, Louisiana
495. Paula, Kansas
So glad I didn't miss out on the begining.
496. Tina
Sign me up!
497. Mandy, PA
498. Lucy, St. Louis, MO
I really need to get back to my frugal ways!
499. Julie, Albany, OR
500. Megan
501. Jackie P., Flordia
502. Hillary P., Hamden, CT
503. Melody M., N. Indiana
I've already been scaling back...interested in seeing "what else" I can do.
504. Kristi G., Lexington, KY
Ready for the challenge!
505. Heather Q.
506. Sheryl A.
507. Kelly, Southern Indiana
508. Karen H., West Point, GA
Looking forward to giving this a shot. Love the concept.
509. Amy, Richmond, TX
510. Mary, TX
Single Mom...Looking for creative & smart ways to save.
511. Shar, Michigan
Bring it on! :)
512. Pam P., TN
This will be good to get me back into the things I use to do like this.
513. Kateb, Toronto
Time to take the step forward.
514. Raymond B., TX
I am trying to become more Spartan, ie reduce all the crap and by learning reach through time to shake the hand of our ancestors. This may be a step along the way, thank you for the invitation. I accept. I do not seem to be able to find your email notification list sign up. Do you have one? I would like to keep up with all your tips.
515. Lola
I have recently retired due to health reasons and find that I need to be tightening the belt even tighter. The challenge is exciting as well as rewarding as the creative juices flow more consistently. I look forward to the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge along with others. Thanks for making this available.
516. Jenni, Rainer, Oregon
Committing to the 23 days!
517. Sherri W., Peterborough, ONT
I'm up for the challenge!
518. Emily, Pgh, PA
519. Linda A., CA
How refreshing it is to read what you're doing.I've always tried to be frugal and was teased by people. Back in the 70's there weren't many people interested in eating right, thinking about our world or raising a family with good ethics and morals. I'm glad my children are following in my footsteps. I'm looking forward to your challenge.
520. Jen F.
521. Amber C., Lakefield, Ontario
522. Ariana M., TX
523. Suchil C., San Antonio, TX
looking forward to this!
524. Mary, Beaverton, OR
I a signle parent of a darling 3 year old, I would love nothing more than to reduce my work hours to spend more time with her. That is why the concept of living frugally has become so important to me. I am determined for 2012 to eliminate as much debt as possible adn to save as well. I also want to use what we have and not spend money unless we absolutely need it. I have been blessed with a fabulous job, excellent benefits and a wonderful home. However, I have not been using my money wisely and am determined to change this so in the future I can be home more and enjoy more time with my daughter and loved ones.
525. Michelle L., Indiana
526. Robin, VA
Looking forward to this. I feel I waste so much money. Great way to start the new year. Love your blog. I will be trying a few of your recipes this week.
527. Stacy H.
I only had one resolution for the new year, to turn my passion into action. Now I have two resolutions. Making the choice to live frugally falls right in line with my first goal. Can't wait to start.
528. Leann
I am in... we are actually committing for 2012 to do this regularly. I am excited to get started with you and that I found your lovely blog! :)
529. Jennie, N. Illinois
I wish you well on this endeavor and am happy to take part. Hope many many people follow along and take the challenge!!
530. Amy P., Milwaukee WI
531. Cheryl, Indiana
I'm up for it - trying to cut costs and downsize anyway!
532. Cindy F., South Texas
So excited to be a part of this challenge - thank you!
533. Mary E., FL
Sometimes Frugal living is by circumstance, not by choice. But learning how to be frugal, creating awareness of different ways to have a happy, yet frugal existence.
534. Wendy, Shelby, NC
I need this.
535. Joanne W., FL
536. Donna, So. CA
537. Brittani J., Bethesda, MD
538. Vanessa J., Mississippi
Im so excited and this is exactly what I was looking for to jump start my New Year!!
539. Cathy, OH
I already like a frugal lifestyle, but I'm sure there's room for improvement. I look forward to all your ideas
540. Anji M., Atlanta, GA
Very excited to do this. Shouldn't be TOO hard...I'm going to post this on my blog and encourage others to join us!
541. Erica
What a great idea!! Looking forward to this!
542. Denise, St. Louis
Hoping to get control of our spending and living a better life!
543. Jamie H., Lancaster, SC
544. Jennifer, Statesboro, GA
545. Margaret, winnipeg manitoba canada
iam looking forward to this i need to change my habits and learn to live on less and save money rent is going up so high we live in apt and the area is not the best but with cost of food and rent and gas we are struggling on one income and when i feel low i go shopping even in the thrift stores and i spend money on things i can do without so this will be a challenge for me i will cook more at home and make my own coffee i will take this challenge it is my goal i wish every good luck
546. Angel-a T., NM
I consider myself to be incredibly frugal however sometimes we all need extra motivation and support of others. I am taking this challenge to teach my children a lesson and help me get back on track. We will be doing this as a family.
547. Sasha, Illinois
This is so exciting!! I am amazed at the number of people from all over the world that have committed! Lets go people!!! :)
548. Desiree F., Chase, BC CANADA
Love your site, and everything I have read so far! I cannot wait to try and see how much of the 23 day challange I can complete. Thank you for all your great tips this site has to offer so far!
549. Jenny, Cedar Hill, TX
550. Cookie
551. Debbie
552. Keli M.
I'm looking forward to more ideas on what I can do! Thanks!
553. Susan, Alabama
554. Marie, So. CA
This sounds tough
555. Laryn C., Ohio
556. Lydia W., TN
557. Briana
558. Rebekah D., Ewa Beach Hawaii
I am excited to start this journey!
559. Hannah E., CNY
We'll be traveling out of state for "Christmas" with my husband's side of the family for the first three days of the challenge, but I'll hopefully be able to join you for the rest of it!
560. Sherry, TX
561. Louise O., Essex
I'm desperately wanting to live more frugally although I try a small amount I think theres so much more I can do!!!!!
562. Indy, Moore, OK
563. Mike R., Johnson County, TX
My wife and I are financially secure but have been trying to change our life style to be simpler and more fiscally disciplined. I'm excited about trying for 23 day and then if I can add on another 18 it should be habit, 45 days to make a habit is what I have always heard so maybe it will stick :) thanks for the cool website and the frugal challenge!
564. Josh and Libby T., Orem, Utah
Josh just lost his job and we are in serious need of learning to live a frugal lifestyle. Hoping this helps us jump into a new way of living!
565. Lane M.
566. Jordan T., Ft Thomas, KY
567. Jenn, KS
568. Deborah, Wellington, FL
569. Vanessa
570. Christi D., TX
I agree and commit to this pledge for 1 month and hopefully for a lot longer!
571. Kari S.
572. Stephaine S.
573. Tuesday
574. Cindy G., Cincinnati, OH
575. Teresa
Sign me up...can't wait to learn more about frugal living!!!!!!
576. Tina, MI
I'm in...hopefully my family will be too!
577. Joanie S., Greenville, SC
578. M. Smith, IL
Should be fun.
579. Deborah
I look forward to doing this. Thank you. :)
580. Jeana, VA
581. Belma G.
582. Mitzi, GA
583. Jennifer M., Suwanee, GA
584. Rebecca K., Southwest Missouri
I'm in! Thanks! <3
585. Becca, Northern Ontario, Canada
Looking forward to getting to know and sharing experiences with like-minded people through this challenge!
586. Emily H., Philadelphia, PA
587. Stacy B., NY
588. Mikayla D., Utah
Can't wait to start!
589. A
As I have made a point of living frugally for some years, sometimes out of necessity, others out of my belief in the approriateness of it, I want to learn your ways.
590. Brooke, Surrey, BC
Looking forward to this :) We are downsizing in the spring and will be living in our travel trailer until we build our earthship so yes...this will be good for me :)
591. Connie, CO
I'm ready!
592. Melinda
593. Rochelle Y, Tempe, AZ
I am excited to get started.
594. Gil G.
im committing my family! here we go.
595. Kandi, TX
I am excited to try this for 23 days
596. Becca
I've just closed my business and I'm thinking of following another life-long dream of turning my home into a homestead... looking forward to this challenge and getting to know like-minded people!
597. Sandy, Dry Branch, GA
I have been trying to pull my family away from dependence on others. We have come a long way, but need to be in a bigger support group. I need more ideas.
598. Jackie P., Austrailia
599. CRN, Canada
600. Meredith, W. NY
601. Aubrie
602. Mary L., KY
603. Jennifer
604. Pamela
605. Melissa, NH
606. Kim R., The Netherlands
607. Janine F.
608. Nick S., Wilmington/Leland, NC
609. Natalie, Montana
Looking forward to improving myself and my family!
610. Jennie, Northern, IL
I wish you well on this endeavor and am happy to take part. Hope many many people follow along and take the challenge!!
611. Leann
I am in... we are actually committing for 2012 to do this regularly. I am excited to get started with you and that I found your lovely blog! :)

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The Homemade Dream Pillow

Dream pillows have been used for centuries. By using a blend of specific herbs and flowers one is said to be able to experience vivid and meaningful dreams as well as receive relief from nightmares. Today we acknowledge the research that proves the smell of herbs, flowers and essential oils can have a positive effect on our ability to relax, mental health, and our dreams.

Historically, babies were often given small pillows filled with herbs to help calm them or to ease crying during the bedtime hours. They have also been called sleep or comfort pillows, and they were filled with relaxing herbs.

The scent of the herbs in these dream pillows will not be as strong as a potpourri, it will definitely be more subtle. The hope is that they will promote a more restful sleep and ward off bad dreams. If you, or someone you know, has trouble sleeping when traveling, bring a dream pillow with you to as a sleep aid.

Variety of Herbs Useful for Dream Pillows
  • Anise - Repels nightmares, but be sure to use sparingly.
  • Calendula - Used to induce restful sleep.
  • Catnip - Increases restful sleep. Especially good for babies and children.
  • Cedar - Repels bad dreams.
  • Chamomile - Used for relaxation and pleasant dreams. 
  • Hops - Aids in restful sleep and healing. 
  • Jasmine - The dried flowers are useful for romantic and erotic dreams, especially for women.
  • Lavender - These flowers have the ability to ease stress, soothe, and relax. A simple pillow made only with lavender can be simply perfect.
  • Lemon Balm - A known for it's ability to reduce anxiety and insomnia. Also valuable for relieving headaches and stress.  
  • Mugwort - Protection. 
  • Mullein - Guards against nightmares.
  • Rose petals - Adds loving and peaceful thoughts to dreams. 
  • Rosemary - Repels bad dreams, but use sparingly due to the strong scent.

Creating Small Pillows

If you are handy with a sewing machine you can easily make small pillows or sachets from various fabrics or you could even make animal shapes that are stuffed with your own herb mixture to give as gifts for children. You could also sew these easily by hand with a simple stitch.

To make a dream pillow, I prefer to use muslin. Begin by cutting 2 identical sizes of fabric. I like these pieces of muslin to be 5" by 5" (Although any size will do. It's a matter of preference). With the wrong sides of the material (if there are any) together, stitch down 3 of the sides to the depth of 3/4". Turn the little sachet inside out so that the seams are now on the inside. Begin filling your sachet with your own herbal mixture or fill it with my favorite recipe below. Once filled to your liking, complete the pillow by stitching the fourth side by hand.

Dream Pillow Recipe - For Peaceful Sleep

- 1 part lavender flowers
- 1 part rose petals
- 1 part chamomile
- 1 part mugwort
- 1 part hop flowers
- 1 part cedar tops
- a small amount of rosemary

Directions: Combine all herbs in wooden or glass bowl and mix with a wooden spoon. Fill small, hand-sewn pillows with enough of this herbal mixture. Note: Be sure not to overfill. The sachet should go unnoticed slipped inside the pillow case.


-Dream pillows help you drift off to sleep naturally. Simply insert a dream pillow inside of your pillow case.

-If using dream pillow with babies, you should place the pillow under the crib sheet to avoid a choking hazard.

-The herbs in the pillow will maintain their scent for years. You may want to store them in plastic bags when you are not using them to maintain the scent longer.

-Organically grown flowers and herbs are preferred for dream pillows.

-A few herbs you may want to avoid, secondary to their ability to cause frightening dreams and/or headaches, include: artemisia, bay laurel leaves, Russian tarragon, sage leaves, tansy, and vetiver root.

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I'm planning to give these as Christmas gifts this year! What homemade gift projects do you have going on?

I purchased all of the dried herbs used in this recipe at a little local bulk herb store. However, I usually order from Mountain Rose Herbs. I trust their quality and appreciate their customer service!

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